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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Modern Chef Designs different from another kitchen designer?

I have spent countless hours and as a matter of fact, years in professional kitchens. I have the correct knowledge to help you design and construct your kitchen in a way that is smart and efficient, the way a true home chef should be able to see, work and entertain in their kitchen and not be a slave to it.

Are you a chef or a carpenter?

Once a chef, always a chef. I have 20 years of professional restaurant experience but I have always had a side passion for woodworking. Professional kitchen life takes a toll not only on your body but others around you, so I decided to take on this new adventure, one that feeds my second passion of quality construction, design and woodworking.

How much attention do you give each client?

Quality over quantity... ALWAYS! Being a chef I always pay attention to detail and making sure each and everyone of my customers are taken care of individually. I have taken that drive for perfection and detail to my design and construction. I will start a job with a client and finish that job before I start another job. I know how frustrating it is when a contractor says one thing and does another or starts your job and doesn't finish it before starting another, your job is the most important job there is. I will take fewer jobs per year if it means happier clients and happier kitchens.

Will you help design our kitchen from start to finish?

Absolutely! I truly love taking the time and getting to know my clients and their wants and needs. I enjoy working with you from start to finish, this helps ensure that we are always on the same page and you get the kitchen of your dreams.

Is a design always needed?

Most of the time if the project is a complete "gut job" a design is integral to the project because this keeps both of us on the same page as well as the design of the cabinets for the cabinet manufacturer. The design process is a very detailed back and forth between you and me and we take this journey together until the kitchen of your dreams comes to fruition. Sometimes however a design is not needed especially if the layout of the kitchen is not changing or we are only repainting cabinets and adding new appliances.

Do you make the cabinets?

The short answer is, no. I do partner with a high quality local cabinet manufacturer and our partnership makes the design process and manufacturing of your cabinets smooth and precise. I will work with other manufacturers as well if my clients wish to do so.

Where do you work?

I work primarily in central NJ and Bucks county PA.

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